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[Music Teachers] who generate substantial incomes are more likely to teach improvisation and multiple musical genres than those who don’t.

The above quote is by David Cutler in The Savvy Music Teacher.  In his book, he writes about the benefits of teaching multiple musical genres–and not just increasing your income, but increasing your impact on students and your community.  Lately, I’ve written a lot about how to teach pop music and the benefits of doing so.  But the last few weeks I’ve been working on something bigger than a blog post…

Enter, THE MINI-COURSE!  … Okay, so that sounds pretty anticlimactic, huh?  🙂  I call it a “mini-course” because I want you to be able to apply it right away.  After writing my original outline I decided to cut out a ton, because I didn’t want anything getting in the way of you trying it out.  It’s a simple, concise system designed so you won’t get bogged down.  (Despite that, the number of free printables and other resources is more than I have ever made available before.)

The Free Mini-Course is live now until Saturday, October 22!  Check it out by clicking here.




As mentioned, the purpose of the course is to help you start teaching pop music right away.  It has videos, chord charts, printable pdfs, and a ton of (VERY) actionable advice.  More importantly, the course has built-in discussions so you can learn from other teachers who are going through the same process.

I discuss the benefits of teaching pop music: especially how it motivates your students, is a powerful teaching tool, and differentiates your studio to attract more students.

And just so you know, this course wasn’t designed for people who want to teach only pop music or who have a lot of experience teaching pop (although I hope it would help them too.)  I created this for people who want to try teaching pop, but aren’t sure how to get started.

Perhaps you feel like you don’t have time in your schedule for pop music?  My method can take as little as a few minutes of the lesson once a month or so.  If you decide to take it further, you can; the foundation is laid.




This is the part where I’m supposed to say there is no catch, right?

Well… unfortunately, there is!

The catch is this: this course is only open until Saturday, October 22.  Because this is the first time I’ve done something like this, I want to be able to make adjustments, revamp, or scrap altogether this project after I’ve given it the ten days or so.  Don’t get me wrong; if you choose to sign up you can complete the course at any time, but after Saturday, October 22, I won’t accept any more enrollees.


Check it out today by clicking here!


  1. I think this is a great idea for those teachers that don’t like to stray too far from the written music .
    I’ve always included pop, jazz , rock etc early on in the students developement. Brings out the creativity. Good luck with this.

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