What is a "Free IMT?"

Maybe you've heard of an IMT (or Independent Music Teacher), but what does it mean to be a Free IMT?

Resources for FREE IMTs

I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can come to for all of your IMT needs. Enjoy!

How Do I Become Free?

On the Start Here page, I share the first vital steps to becoming free as an Independent Music Teacher.

Blog: Get The Latest

Read more about the Free IMT philosophy, my personal life and adventures, and my lifelong love for music.

Find more time for what you love!

Independent music teachers play many roles. Unfortunately, most of us aren't as good at managing our businesses as we are at caring for our students. We waste countless hours collecting late payments, scheduling makeup lessons, and rescheduling. Sadly, none of these things are teaching.

One of my goals with The Free IMT is to help teachers overcome the big time wasters of teaching independently so that they can spend their time on more important things.

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Get your studio organized... finally!

Getting organized with some Studio Management Software is a great way to save time and look more professional. While there are many good options, Music Teacher's Helper is the one I trust and use with my own studio. You can read more about it on the Resources page.

If you sign up with this link, you will get an exclusive Free IMT deal (one month free and 20% off your second month). Email me when you do and I will also send you my eBook: “Getting Organized With Music Teacher’s Helper.” If you're not sure, that's okay... Try it with no obligation for one month for free!